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The US Debt problem explained in household terms

Simple enough. Now can we stop this? It wouldn’t work at home, why does anyone think this’ll work in government? h/t Loern Advertisements

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The President of “No”

Sound familiar? It should, it’s been a trick of the Democrats to pin that label on Republicans for years; “The Party of NO.” I submit to you that despite media reports and observations to the contrary, that label is now … Continue reading

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Can’t score a speech, Timmy G.

Even Chris Wallace knows that But Geithner sticks to the Party Line anyway, even though it makes NO sense; Read Doug Powers wrap-up of the Debt Talks Kabuki play. Doug asks; Where’s Wallace’s “are you a flake” question when it’s really needed? … Continue reading

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One of the Good Guys in Congress, Rep. Dan Benishek (R-MI) on the pending shutdown

Tell me this guy doesn’t look and sound like the guy next door? Pelosi, not so much. Here’s Dan’s statement from April 5; “More than a month ago the House passed a bill to fund the government for the rest … Continue reading

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Young Americans are standing up; “Don’t put it on OUR tab!”

And who can blame them? The Obama/Pelosi/Reid Triad are blowing money that won’t even be printed for years, and it’s all falling to our kids to pay for. Well, now they are getting it, and they don’t like it. They … Continue reading

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The California Governor’s race needs one of these

A candidate with huevos Not saying a woman couldn’t do it, just doubtful if the woman GOP candidate in the race today can. Same goes for the man. Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner seem to me to be two people … Continue reading

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California Democrat state Senator Steinberg REALLY needs a vacation

Poor lil’ feller Well, after another marathon overnight session the California state legislature has another budget ready for Gov. Schwarzenegger’s signature. See ya’ll in another six months, right? In the hallways outside the chambers, union hack’s and business leader’s lobbyists … Continue reading

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