Whispers of War

I was on this ship for nearly three years and knew the author way back then.



A Sailor Brings His Ship Home

Some of the images used are from social media over a period of more than seventeen years. If one of these is yours, please let me know if you want it removed or credited to you.

May 9, 1960. Nearly a year after being launched in Bath, Maine, a new United States warship is commissioned. An Admiral opens with the statement “I hereby deliver the USS PREBLE”, then the commanding officer reads his orders and declares, “I hereby assume command of the USS PREBLE”. He orders the executive officer to set the watch. The XO directs the officer of the deck to set the watch, and the chief boatswain’s mate pipes the watch. The OOD and the other duty members take their watch stations and a new piece of naval history begins. This is the start of a period of over thirty years during which…

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