“An Open Letter to the Men Who Didn’t Have My Permission”

She deserves better than this, all women do. What happened to being a gentleman? Especially from the guys who are Christians? No, they’re NOT all “hypocrites”, but so many are fallen…

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It’s not often you get to say you felt sexually violated twice in one day. I’d imagine most people never get to say that. But here I am. I cannot say I feel particularly inspired by this eventful day, but I can say I feel sad. And angry. And just generally not okay. I am not okay with what has happened. And if I don’t write it out, it will stay inside, fester, grow, continue to hurt. And I’ll be damned if I am going to give those who’ve hurt me more than the last 24 hours that they have stolen from me. So allow me to speak directly to these men, who somehow both felt like they had a right to my body.

It seems so cliché to wonder if maybe I invited your attention with my clothing. Like, as I was thinking it, I was also thinking how…

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