Battle of the Bulge – 75 years ago. Canadian forces tip their hat to the US Army

This is so cool I had to dust off the old blog. The 75th Anniversary was actually yesterday but as you know, the US media is focused on other “more important” things so I missed it.

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Yeah, Piers, we’ll get right on that

This guy. Took idiocy like this to drag me into posting here again:

It’s all fine when Piers advocates going after other people’s right. How will he feel when they come for his?

Yeah I know. I’m yelling at clouds.

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A Fellow Seabee Helps Represent the Brave in Las Vegas

It’s been quite some time since I’ve felt compelled to post anything here, politics is a useless blame game where both sides are increasingly the same. So feeling enough to want to sit down and crank something out that I care enough about to finish.

This is one of those rare instances.

Getting ready for bed Sunday night, I looked at Twitter before I closed up my laptop and saw something about Las Vegas police scanner reporting shots fired at a concert venue. Holy crap!

I turned on the TV, and sure enough it was on every channel already. My wife, daughter, and I are planning to go there in November, so this hopefully was a mistake. Fireworks. Something.

No. No mistake. You know the story already.

Well it turns out my friend Mike from my Seabee days was in Las Vegas at the concert where Jason Aldean was playing. Seems like not a week or two ago he just made Chief Petty Officer (E7), and I’m sure this was him and his wife celebrating.

Big and Rich had just been playing an hour earlier, and with cellphones lit, the crowd waved and sang “God Bless America” together:

What the shooter hadn’t apparently counted on (hopefully) was the large number of first responders attending the concert off duty with their families. Active duty military and reservists were also in attendance, many with combat experience.

Big and Rich knows this, and they call out to bring some of them on stage with them, and shout out to those who remain in the crowd.

So the shooting starts during Jason Aldean’s final set, and in the first video I saw I was struck by the way the crowd moved. When the shooter was reloading, they were up en mass moving toward exits. When he started firing again, down they went to whatever cover they could find. The ones I saw weren’t stampeding, they were being led.

One of those leaders turns out to have been Mike.

His wife was the first to to post publicly about their horrific experiences escaping the carnage. Mike, as usual, was all business:

Finally they made it home to the LA area, and Mike posted a pic he took before the show started, back from where the better memories came.

We often wonder how we would react in a situation like that. I hope for myself I would be at least with half the poise as ol’ Chief Lopez.

Hoorah, brother.

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“An Open Letter to the Men Who Didn’t Have My Permission”

She deserves better than this, all women do. What happened to being a gentleman? Especially from the guys who are Christians? No, they’re NOT all “hypocrites”, but so many are fallen…

she dates

It’s not often you get to say you felt sexually violated twice in one day. I’d imagine most people never get to say that. But here I am. I cannot say I feel particularly inspired by this eventful day, but I can say I feel sad. And angry. And just generally not okay. I am not okay with what has happened. And if I don’t write it out, it will stay inside, fester, grow, continue to hurt. And I’ll be damned if I am going to give those who’ve hurt me more than the last 24 hours that they have stolen from me. So allow me to speak directly to these men, who somehow both felt like they had a right to my body.

It seems so cliché to wonder if maybe I invited your attention with my clothing. Like, as I was thinking it, I was also thinking how…

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Whispers of War

This gallery contains 16 photos.

Originally posted on timothycummings:
A Sailor Brings His Ship Home ? Some of the images used are from social media over a period of more than seventeen years. If one of these is yours, please let me know if you…


MOAB – Mother of All Bombs, dropped in Afghanistan. Here’s more info –

You’ve heard of the massive bomb the US dropped in Afghanistan? Well here it is – the GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast

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McDonald’s vs Wendy’s on Twitter

Heard about this on KFI radio on the way in to work this morning from Jennifer Jones Lee. 

McDonald’s is trying to hype the fresh beef being used in its Quarter Pounder sammiches:

Yabbut, Wendy’s uses fresh beef all the time. Plus they’re hip to Twitter:

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