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The NY Times – Praising the tolerance of infidelity if it benefits liberal political causes?

There aren’t enough “Headdesks” in the world to cover this: MY WIFE’S LOVER My wife is having an affair with a government executive. His role is to manage a project whose progress is seen worldwide as a demonstration of American … Continue reading

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Bob here is a racist. Don’t be a Bob. Agree with everything Democrats say. Or…else.

Or else you, too will be a racist. Like Bob. Via Black and Right

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Yes, Julian Epstein, if his sainted skin color was green, we would still question him

I get so sick of this crap from the left: Question their sainted leftist President, ignore the question. Instead, focus on how it was asked, or when it was asked. Never focus on the question. Ever. Also, make it about race. Always. This … Continue reading

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Tombstone, Arizona – Up the creek without a…creek. Or any other water…

via Twitchy The U.S. Forest Service is blocking residents of Tombstone, Ariz. from repairing waterlines damaged by storms and wildfires last year. Why? Because restoring the lines that bring spring water from the mountains could endanger the Mexican spotted owl. … Continue reading

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New for this fall, Barry Soetoro plays a US President in “Operation Hot Mic – You Only Run Twice”

Genius! Evilll super genius… From American Crossroads h/t Adam Baldwin

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Angry about gas prices? So was someone ELSE (when he was trying to get elected in 2008)

Is Barack Obama angry about it today? He says he is. Angry at BIG OIL, angry at those Wascally Wepublicans, and angry at you for daring to still be driving your car instead of walking. If Obama really, really, really wanted to lower gas … Continue reading

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I THOUGHT something seemed phony with the leftist “Santorum attacks Obama’s religion” weekend meme

I promised myself I’d dig into this when I got the chance. Over the weekend as I was working I’d catch bits and pieces of “Santorum blasts Obama over religion” and other such hyped headlines on the radio. OMG!!1! What’s up … Continue reading

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