The divorce is final! I’m done with Carbonite

It seems like ages ago already, but the Sandra Fluke saga (the leftist political operative who played victim for the Democrats and the national media) claimed at least one Carbonite customer: me.

I didn’t demand my money back, as many suggested I should, but I changed my account from Auto Renew to Manual Renew, and then found Mozy Online Backup (which I’m quite happy with, and feel it’s actually a better value for the money). So my backed-up files sat there on Carbonite’s servers, frozen and Occupying (see what I did there?) space until just the other day when it became official. They “fired” me as a customer for not renewing. Heh.

I uninstalled the program from my PC just now, and was sent to a survey form where I truthfully answered all their questions, including their last question, which I answered thusly:

I’m not sure how many people stayed, joined, or bailed on Carbonite, but looking at their stock chart some months later shows an initial spike which lasted barely half a month, followed by a leap from the *cliff:

(Chart via Businessweek)

I’m sure the left will say they didn’t join Carbonite for the free trial period to make them think they did the right thing by dumping Rush’s program, only to bail on them when the freebie ended like the lowlife non-paying-for-anything scum that they are. Oops, I digressed.

Bottom line for businesses everywhere: ignore the leftist boycott threats and worry about those paying customers who will leave your ass when crossed.

*If you ignore the spike, it could be said the line just continued it’s previous trend downward and ended up about where it would have anyway. Except I’m not going to say that. It make me feel better to say “Yes, I did it”.

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