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Battle of the Bulge – 75 years ago. Canadian forces tip their hat to the US Army

This is so cool I had to dust off the old blog. The 75th Anniversary was actually yesterday but as you know, the US media is focused on other “more important” things so I missed it. There you stood, America. … Continue reading

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Yeah, Piers, we’ll get right on that

This guy. Took idiocy like this to drag me into posting here again: And your US constitution was of no use to gun owners in the UK? Oh wait… — Erick Brockway (@erickbrockway) February 15, 2018 I know! Change the … Continue reading

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A Fellow Seabee Helps Represent the Brave in Las Vegas

It’s been quite some time since I’ve felt compelled to post anything here, politics is a useless blame game where both sides are increasingly the same. So feeling enough to want to sit down and crank something out that I … Continue reading

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“An Open Letter to the Men Who Didn’t Have My Permission”

Originally posted on she dates:
It’s not often you get to say you felt sexually violated twice in one day. I’d imagine most people never get to say that. But here I am. I cannot say I feel particularly inspired…

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Whispers of War

This gallery contains 16 photos.

Originally posted on timothycummings:
A Sailor Brings His Ship Home ? Some of the images used are from social media over a period of more than seventeen years. If one of these is yours, please let me know if you…


MOAB – Mother of All Bombs, dropped in Afghanistan. Here’s more info –

You’ve heard of the massive bomb the US dropped in Afghanistan? Well here it is – the GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast

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McDonald’s vs Wendy’s on Twitter

Heard about this on KFI radio on the way in to work this morning from Jennifer Jones Lee.  McDonald’s is trying to hype the fresh beef being used in its Quarter Pounder sammiches: Today we've announced that by mid-2018, all … Continue reading

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McDonalds Twitter account just ate its own lunch

Pretty sure this now deleted tweet went over like a sack of mud: UPDATE: Culprit located – UPDATE 2: “We were hacked! Or something!”

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The Perfect Coffee Table Book: “Reasons to Vote for Democrats” by Michael J. Knowles

The coffee table, in many homes (but ours) is a collection of reading material we leave out for guests to discover our interests, and maybe stimulate conversation (in ours it’s multiple remote controls, shopping lists, glasses, and pill bottles, but … Continue reading

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Tweet O the Day – #DayWithoutAWoman Special Edition

Responses?  @womensmarch is this where the rest come from? — Rob Eno (@Robeno) March 8, 2017 @womensmarch Ha! I tricked my wife into giving birth to BOTH our kids, so I could keep my sexy body. — Ed Coyne … Continue reading

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