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What else would you expect from the spawn of Sean Penn?

Well done Sean, you skank maggot – Penn’s esteemed child prodigy cusses out a photographer and calls him the N word. Class. Now, when do the Human Shield lessons begin? Lets get that started. h/t Ross Kaminsky Advertisements

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Wonder how bad legislation gets passed? Probably not, but in case you do…

This is Colorado, but it could be anywhere (“Pass the bill to see what’s in it“?): This would be the same Colorado Democrat, Evie Hudak, who *bungled stats and dissed a rape victim. So yeah, don’t read the pesky words, … Continue reading

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See what happens with unrestricted gun ownership?

You get tiny people with little guns running around all over the place: h/t Jan

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If this can happen to an ACTIVE DUTY Army Sgt. in Texas, it can happen to anyone anywhere

Mil blogger and active-duty Army Master Sgt. CJ Grisham (Michelle Malkin wrote about him here) is having trouble of the Second Amendment type in Temple, Texas: CJ Grisham This past weekend while on a 10-mile hike with my 15-year old … Continue reading

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Harry Reid not to blame for using dead Marines for political purposes, because…


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Bill Maher gets the bill for the government he voted for, now threatens to leave

Hypocrite: Liberal HBO “Real Time” host Bill Maher says he may leave California, due to the state’s high tax rate. “Liberals,” he said, during a recent broadcast,” you could actually lose me.” He made the comments during a panel discussion … Continue reading

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Jeff Gordon takes a “test drive”

h/t ‘Nita

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