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Tuesday is election day – last chance to compare: Jeff Gorell vs Julia Brownley in #CA26

It’s almost “GO” time for the November elections, and hopefully people are starting to pay attention and are looking to vet candidates to see who they’ll vote for. In California Congressional District 26, the candidates are incumbent Democrat and Obama … Continue reading

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If you’re a Conservative/Christian in the military today, into the closet with you!

I couldn’t believe this crap when I heard it, either… First, an Air Force Chaplain saw the “God Created a Farmer” video that aired during the Super Bowl this past February, and thought it needed a tweak in honor of … Continue reading

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The Most Arrogant Man in the World – Dos Equis parody featuring…

…B. Hussein Obama Related articles WATCH: Republican PAC Mocks Obama With Dos Equis Ad Spoof (businessinsider.com) Obama Parody: ‘Most Arrogant Man in the World’ (distriction.com)

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THIS is how we honor our war heroes! Beautiful!

Chris Muller was lucky enough to be front and center when a group of WWII vets arrived at Reagan International Airport; Honor is a hard term to describe. It doesn’t have a color or weight or shape. If someone were to … Continue reading

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Chief Petty Officers and Gunny Sergeants sound a lot alike!

UPDATE: The GySgt is Brian Walgren, and the backstory is here: Times were tense before the initial February assault on Marjah, Afghanistan. A narcotics hub and Taliban stronghold, it was expected to be booby-trapped with improvised explosive devices and filled … Continue reading

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Texas mother of a little girl with cerebral palsy told “Leave her walker home” from school

I don’t know if the particular walker she was using was in poor shape or what, but the special education director at the five-year-old’s school told the mother the girl couldn’t use her walker at school anymore; The mother of … Continue reading

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Which Romney are you supporting?

The pro-choice, pro-abortion Romney? Is this a “conservative” position? The pro-gun control Romney, or the 2nd Amendment Romney? The video below comes from one of Mitt Romney’s current supporters. The video was removed from the McCain YouTube Channel before McCain … Continue reading

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