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John Kerry for Secretary of Defense? Why not Jane Fonda?

This can’t be real. Just some trial balloon to make the next name floated seem more realistic. I mean, nothing says a Commander in Chief loves his troops like sticking a reviled war protester who allegedly threw his medals over the White House … Continue reading

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How can we trust the Obama administration to protect us? How??

Truth is only used by Obama when every other option fails Obama couldn’t even protect his own ambassador. He didn’t even try. What. The. Hell. In fact, requests by Ambassador Stevens for more security were ignored completely: When security officer … Continue reading

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This is who Obama wants to cozy up to? Not Israel…

h/t RS McCain I’m seriously blown away by events of the last two weeks. An unprotected US Ambassador is murdered in Libya, and team Obama wants to blame it on a video, while none other than the President of Libya says it was … Continue reading

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