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If you voted for Obama, here’s the “Mandate” you got in return. Happy about it? Want more? Why?

The following video hit so close to home that it prompted an angry call from the White House. Happy you voted the way you did? Still planning to vote for him again? Why? Gas prices go up, the cost to transport food … Continue reading

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Amanda Carpenter destroys Harry Reid’s “Rail Solyndra” – in 140 character chunks

From the AP; Privately held DesertXpress is on the verge of landing a $4.9 billion loan from the Obama administration to build the 150 mph train, which could be a lifeline for a region devastated by the housing crash or … Continue reading

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Busted! Bankrupt Solyndra Caught Destroying Brand New Parts

A local CBS affiliate in San Francisco caught one of Obama’s chosen grafting “clean energy” companies destroying assets. Assets that belong to the taxpayer. Unused, brand-new assets; FREMONT (CBS 5) — After filing for bankruptcy last year, Fremont solar company Solyndra still … Continue reading

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Found! The lost Solyndra grant proposal

H/t @GaltsGirl Now see? If they’d only told us this in the beginning…

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