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Julia Brownley (D #CA26) Stands with veterans…of some foreign nation…somewhere…

Her latest mailer – Only, who the heck is that woman up top supposed to represent? Some Generic Female Military Person? A closer look – I did a quick Google search for the image and found some generic thing not widely … Continue reading

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#Julia revisited – Meme destroyed by #Emily

Meet the Anti-#Julia: #Emily O’Neill [my emphasis below]: The Obama campaign’s “Life of Julia” ad is a disturbing sign. It suggests that political strategists, pollsters, and campaign advisers must think that the people living off government are getting to the point … Continue reading

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Obama and Democrats in every aspect of your life? Is that so far fetched today?

h/t itsonlywords You may have heard of “Julia“, Obama’s campaign aimed at offering women a cradle-to-grave alternative to, well, men apparently. And personal responsibility. It’s been a big hit with conservatives eager to show how Democrats want to run your life, coincidentally also from … Continue reading

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