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Michael Mann’s special purpose Hockey Stick filter has been exposed

Originally posted on Watts Up With That?:
Jean S writes at Climate Audit: As most readers are aware, and stated in my post few hours after (ClimateGate) CG broke out, Mike’s Nature trick was first uncovered by UC here. He…

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Think mankind is “killing the Earth with carbon” and causing Global Warming?

This is one second in time from one brush fire in Ventura County, California: Another second:   Looks like more than all the car’s exhaust in Los Angeles for the last year to me. These fires are happening every day … Continue reading

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What sanctimonious crap! Yeah, Steve Zwick? Bring your pitchforks and torches to MY house!

Global Warmist Steve Zwick, spewing writing for Forbes, thinks he’s finally found an answer to all the low-brow Global Warming/Global Cooling/Climate Change deniers: burn ’em out – Let’s take a page from those Tennessee firemen we heard about a few … Continue reading

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And speaking of Climate Insanity: “Why I am so rude to Warmists” – James Delingpole

Oh I completely understand Delingpole’s frustration with the leftist global warming economic assassins; they offer refutable “proof” and call it “irrefutable,” and think yelling exaggeration at the top of their lungs makes them right. He takes us riding with him in a car … Continue reading

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So…now evil coal smoke SAVES the planet?

As in, coal-fired plants can save us all from “Global Warming™”? Now who will save us from idiot environmentalists? I remember back in 7th grade at Sevilla Elementary School in Phoenix having a science teacher who predicted an “Ice Age” … Continue reading

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Don’t deny the Global Warming Moonbats

I understand they get quite upset h/t The Yid

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