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No, Christine O’Donnell, “enthusiastic” isn’t the word I’d use to describe my support of Romney just yet

Christine O’Donnell had this to say on Twitter earlier today; Contrary to what Gov. Romney’s opponents tried to say, conservatives are enthusiastic about making him Pres. Romney. twitter.com/ChristineOD/st… — Christine O’Donnell (@ChristineOD) April 11, 2012 The word I’d actually use in my … Continue reading

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Mark Levin hammers Mike Castle and his minions trashing Christine O’Donnell; “Castle, you’re a coward!”

Christine O’Donnell has been trashed lately, seems to happen whenever an outside the beltway Republican gets a little too close for comfort to an established insider. Attack after attack, trying desperately to knock down her poll numbers, and for what? … Continue reading

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