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I sure miss this guy: Andrew Breitbart – 2/1/69 to 3/1/2012

Loved his CPAC speech a scant couple weeks before he died. I went from cheering this guy to total shock.  From my Vimeo archive:

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You’ll Never Work In This Town Again: Academy Awards Edition

Or: Oscar hates you Yeah, Hollywood where the “Champions of the Little Guy” live just kicked two to the curb: The fallout from the historic Oscars 2017 flub is starting to spread: The two accountants involved won’t be coming back … Continue reading

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Yeah, blog kind of got abandoned

It’s only been idle since 2014. Seems like an eternity. I don’t know if it’s ADD, or a complete loss of any ambition.  Oh I’ve started a few. There they sit, in the draft folder. I can’t even remember what … Continue reading

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For Democrats, the worst is yet to come

Originally posted on it's only words:
After all the no good, very bad things that happened to the Democrats during the Obama years – nine Senate seats lost, 62 House seats lost, 12 governorships lost, 958 state legislative seats…

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