Notice to military members on the use of social media in the age of ISIS

The following notice was passed to all hands the other day, it’s not time for panic, or even multiple exclamation points,  just some common sense OPSEC for social media to military members.
Document redacted by me:
Date: October 8, 2014 at 11:44:45 MDT
Subject:Fwd: FORWARD TO ALL HANDS!!!; RE: Domestic Threat from ISIS
BU1, This has been passed down from Intelligence through the COC.   Please pass on to all personnel, I advise to all scrub your accounts and reduce your visibility as a target!!!!!!   Deletion of your account at this time will be an individual choice, in short I would remove association that provides identitiy, phone, address, or any other objects of concern.   Thank you



The Army Intelligence Center has issued a bulletin warning military personnel to be vigilant after Islamic State militants called on supporter s to scour social media for addresses of their family members and to “show up at their homes and slaughter them.”

ISIS has begun sending tweets encouraging lone wolf attacks on military families.  Would-be Mujaheddin are being told to scour facebook and social networks for members of the Armed Forces, find their home addresses and attack them.  Since the beheading of Foley, over 28,000 pro-ISIS Twitter accounts have been created, with an estimated 3,400 new ones created per month.  Recommend seriously curtailing social media activity in connection with the Military.

There are also several social media monitoring devices that are legal to purchase and easily obtainable such as Social Lead Freak.  It is used by people who do social media marketing to generate leads.  A digital marketer can input a keyword related to the product they wish to market and find Facebook groups and fan pages related to that keyword.  This device will tell the marketer how many people are in these groups and connected to these pages, AND narrow down which members or subscribers have clicked on these pages in the preceding 30 days.  This device then builds a Microsoft excel list of their Facebook web addresses.  Digital marketers can then use these lists to send targeted invitations to view adds related to their product.  Beachbody Coaches do this too.

The social media marketers for ISIS are likely using this to recruit new members.  A more sinister use may be to use key words like “navy” or “military” or unit names to find pages or groups dedicated to military service or Command Facebook pages, then to track the activity of members or subscribers in order to target military families.  I therefore highly recommend curtailing activity on Facebook related to the command in general.  I also recommend that everyone go home and scrub their social media accounts of anything overtly military.  This is not just OPSEC related.  This is the social media equivalent of not wearing one’s uniform on a plane in order to make the plane on which we travel seem like a less attractive target.


[REDACTED] Training Officer
Port Hueneme CA


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