Another child sacrifice to the pagan gods of #fairness

Of course. Hard work means nothing if it means you end up having something someone else doesn’t have. Easier for liberals to take YOUR stuff away than make things better for everybody.

20140331-104319.jpgTake these high school baseball families. They thought the bleacher seating sucked – they couldn’t see well enough through the chain link, so they got together and made good things happen

Six years ago, a booster club paid for and installed the seating deck by the Plymouth Wildcats varsity boys’ baseball field because it was hard to see the games through a chain-link fence. Parents also installed a new scoreboard.

See, hard work with fundraisers paid off, they made their little corner of the world better.

Not so fast said the liberals:

Recently, the U.S. Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights received a complaint and determined that the seats must be removed because the facility was no longer equal to the girls’ softball field.

The superintendent said the seats will be stored until they can find a solution that’s fair to everyone.

See? Rather than #fairness meaning get off your asses and make something good happen for the girls team too, screw all of you. Take it out.

All of it.

“The girls had the same opportunity to raise the same amount of money that we did,” Gilbert said.

“This country was built by people who got their hands dirty and worked hard,” he said. “That was the idea we were presenting to our kids as they watched us build this.”

“This was our effort to leave a legacy for the kids, leave the field in better shape than we inherited it,” Minch said.

See the video here.

Lesson for our kids? Hard work and persistence pays off, right up until someone notices, calls you a 1%er, and bends you over.

Democrats and their never ending War on Success own this crap. They’re why “we can’t have nice things”.



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