Update: K-9 Bruno’s lungs functioning, surgery successful

The Anaheim PD K9 officer who was shot in the face and lung is on the mend!
Yay pooch!

K-9 Officer Bruno’s miraculous recovery from a gunshot wound last week took another positive turn Friday – when doctors declared that his repaired lung is now working properly. An X-ray of Bruno's shattered jaw An X-ray of Bruno’s shattered jaw

“It was a very successful surgery,” said Lt. Tim Schmidt. “They took his breathing tube out, and he’s healing exactly they way they want him to.”

Bruno fasted for 12-hours before the early morning surgery at Yorba Regional Animal Hospital.

Surgeons also reattached the bottom portion of his tongue, which will enable him to drink and eat with greater ease.

It’s unclear when he’ll return home with his partner and handler, Officer R.J. Young, wife Rachel, and daughter, Grace, 3-months.

But Bruno probably won’t be returning to work. The round is lodged less than an inch from Bruno's heart The round is lodged less than an inch from Bruno’s heart

Bruno was injured on March 20, when he located a suspect believed to have fired at probation…

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