Blessed: Crazy rescue of a construction worker in Houston 4 alarm fire

The Jersey Texan started tweeting about a huge column of smoke in Houston yesterday, and when I did a quick Google search I saw this insanity:

And now this morning:

A five-alarm, windswept fire that destroyed a $50 million luxury apartment building under construction in Montrose on Tuesday may have been sparked by a welder, a fire department official said.

It’s usually a welder or pipe fitter in this stage of construction sweating pipe joints.

Then this crazy rescue of a construction worker on the third floor as flames are quickly consuming the still exposed wood structure. The guy feels the heat and at one point before the Houston FD Ladder Truck can reach all the way out he’s forced to make a desperate ledge hop to the second floor.

Then, as if his day isn’t screwed enough, as he does make it onto the ladder, the third floor begins to collapse and firefighters are forced to move the rig with the ladder still extended.

“Hang on!!”

More images here


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  1. Mustang.Koji says:

    Watched it at our cigar lounge. Incredible.

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