Valerie Jarrett on KFI Los Angeles hawking Obamacare

The rush is on for sign ups. With a March 31st deadline fast approaching, many just don’t seem interested or don’t know the deadline is almost here –

As the March 31 deadline to sign up for looms, millions of Americans remain uninsured, the Associated Press reports. The finding comes even as President Obama, scores of advocates and volunteers race to spread the word about the new health law.

Most of the uninsured do not know much about the law and its enrollment deadline for plans that could result in large discounts, the report says.

An Associated Press-GfK poll found that only one-quarter of uninsured people had tried to sign up through the state or federal insurance marketplaces, also known as exchanges, by late January, the report says. If they don’t enroll in time, many will face a penalty at tax time and be prohibited from signing up for subsidized plans until next year.

So much for counting on Low Information voters to make things work for you, eh Barry?

With this, the administration is hitting the airwaves, Valerie Jarrett among them, and she hit up KFI radio in LA this morning.

Mostly with the standard talking points, Gary Hoffman (sitting in for Bill Handel) managed to get a couple questions in. First he asks if the number 7  million in sign ups that Obamacare needs to be able to pay for itself looks to be attainable. Jarrett denies 7 million was ever their number at all, they just want as many sign ups as possible, and then goes on with the usual talking points.

The next time Hoffman is able to get a question in, he asks Jarrett about the number of people between 18 and 34 years old that need be signed up and paying for a plan to keep the system from imploding. Is it possible they won’t reach high enough numbers?

She responds that they are “very confident” they’ll have “enough young people in the pool to make the plan work”, which is weird because earlier she touts as a positive that “children” can stay on their parent’s plane until age 26.

Hoffman then asks Jarrett if she has a good plan, to which she replies “I do!” but won’t go into details. I’d like some details, myself, as I suspect she’s getting the Gubmnt Gravy Plan.

Elsewhere, on CBS 2 in Los Angeles, Jarrett makes the claim that “We’ve had less increase in premiums than ever in last 50 years.”, which Mary Katherine Ham dissembles with fact blasts.

Wherever the truth lies, it doesn’t seem it’s lying with Valerie Jarrett.

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  1. Mustang.Koji says:

    Lying is what Obummer will be remembered for…hopefully. The Seabees can’t build anything big enough to hold them, either.

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