So Jay Carney wants to leave his White House spokesman job? Great! I found a replacement

You’re welcome

Guess “Baghdad Bob” Carney has possibly had enough?

jcWhite House Press Secretary Jay Carney’s behavior during daily briefings has changed, Mediaite’s columnist Joe Concha observed last year.

“He has become more testy, more combative, more personal with the White House Press Corps than anyone in his position prior,” Concha wrote in the March 2013 column. “It seems if any reporter questions this White House—which has arguably experienced its worst month if recent precipitous drops in the polls are any indication—they are attacked publicly and directly.”

After giving several examples, Concha concludes by letting Carney know it’s OK to step down.

The Daily Caller had a flash:

Insiders very close to White House Press Secretary Jay Carney indicate that he’s on his way out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, The Mirror has learned. Carney has told people he’s leaving the White House soon.

In 2008, Carney became Director of Communications for Vice President Joe Biden. In 2011, he became the nation’s 29th press secretary, President Obama’s second, replacing Robert Gibbs.

Before that, Carney was a journalist for The Miami Herald and later TIME and CNN. In the last 48 hours, Carney has been getting press attention from outlets like The Weekly Standard and the New York Daily News for plugging his wife, ABC’s Claire Shipman‘s, book —”Womenomics: Write Your Own Rules for Success” — during a press briefing. She has a new book on women and confidence co-written with BBC’s Katty Kay rolling out in mid-April.

Who could possibly replace Jay Carney, the man who replaced Robert Gibbs? Someone tech-savvy? Someone who could seamlessly link between Obama’s Teleprompter and the spokesperson’s podium?

I have an idea –

NewWHSpokesmanSeamless transition.

Now, if I could pick anyone?? It’d be these guys…


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