This is how leftists swarm like locusts to stop the US from protecting itself


Locusts are the swarming phase of certain species of short-horned grasshoppers in the family Acrididae. These are species that can breed rapidly under suitable conditions and subsequently become gregarious and migratory when their populations become dense enough.

They swarm, ruining the land and moving on to ruin other lands. I’m not talking about “immigrants” here, or even “illegal immigrants”, but the leftists who use them to further their own causes.

Like this lady, a leftist college professor at UT Texas Law in (where else) Austin, Texas, a facility you pay for with your taxes.

dlg662Denise Gilman teaches and co-directs the Immigration Clinic after having joined the clinical faculty at the University of Texas Law School in the fall of 2007. Professor Gilman received her undergraduate degree with honors in political science from Northwestern University. She received her law degree from Columbia University School of Law where she served on the Law Review. Professor Gilman also has an LLM from Georgetown University Law Center. Professor Gilman clerked for Judge Thomas M. Reavley, at the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. She is fluent in Spanish.


In 2003, Professor Gilman received an “Excellence in Lawyering” award from the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund [MALDEF].

So a marvelous lady out to stop the evil American Citizen from xenophobically preventing others of planet Gaia from enjoying the fruits of out labors – of course by insisting it was really someone else’s labor (You didn’t build that) that gave it to us.

She’s a hero, look at how she’s joined the swarm to stop the border fence, among other things:

A Homeland Security initiative to put fencing along the U.S.-Mexico border could discriminate against minorities, according to an Obama-appointed federal judge who’s ruled that the congressionally-approved project may have a “disparate impact on lower-income minority communities.”

Get that? Minority communities could be adversely impacted by the erecting of a fence, similar to the one Mexico has on it’s southern border, so it has to be stopped.

This of course means that protecting the porous—and increasingly violent—southern border is politically incorrect. At least that’s what the public college professor at the center of the case is working to prove and this month she got help from a sympathetic federal judge. Denise Gilman, a clinical professor at the taxpayer-funded University of Texas-Austin, is researching the “human rights impact” of erecting a barrier to protect the U.S. from terrorists, illegal immigrants, drug traffickers and other serious threats.

At issue is the identities of land owners that would be affected by the construction of the fence, whether they are minorities or not, and what the adverse impacts (if any) would be. Presumably the construction itself would be more harmful than the gun/drug running and murders in these areas. The release of the landowners names was said to “outweigh any privacy concerns” –

Judge Beryl Howell, appointed to the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia by President Obama in 2010, agreed that the public interest is significant. Her 37-page rulingalso seems to indicate that she bought the discrimination argument. “Revealing the identities of landowners in the wall’s planned construction site may shed light on the impact on indigenous communities, the disparate impact on lower-income minority communities, and the practices of private contractors,” Howell wrote.

But professor Gilman isn’t a lone locust, as I said above it’s a swarm that includes the country of Mexico, which despite having, as I mentioned above, its own fence at its southern border, said a similar fence at our border would be “outrageous”;

Last summer Mexican officials expressed public outrage over U.S. efforts to secure the southern border, calling it a human rights violation and an “unfriendly act.” The fact is, a number of government reports have confirmed that it’s not just Mexicans crossing into the U.S. seeking a better life. In 2010 DHS warned Texas law enforcement agencies that a renowned Al Qaeda terrorist was planning to sneak into the U.S. through Mexico. That same year a veteran federal agent accused the government of covering up the growing threat created by Middle Eastern terrorists entering the country through the vulnerable Mexican border.

Violent crime in the region has been well documented with heavily armed Mexican drug cartels taking over chunks of land that serve as routes to move cargo north. In fact, a few years ago a State Department report exposed a “dramatic increase in violence” along the Mexican border and warned of “violent attacks and persistent security concerns” in the area. The document also lists tens of thousands of narcotics-related murders attributed to sophisticated and heavily armed drug cartels competing with each other for trafficking routes into the U.S.

PC run wild…

There is no greater ‘noble cause’ here, only a desire to climb the leftist ladder to fame and yes, fortune.

We’re so screwed.

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