Here are 50 states worth of Harry Reid’s “liars”

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Whether it’s been soaring premiumsinsurance cancellationsfrustrations with thestate and federal exchanges, cutting employee hours or even daycare centers closing down, the Affordable Care Act’s negative effects have touched all 50 states.

Sen. Harry Reid (D., Nev.) saw it a different way in a strange outburst on the floor Feb. 26, calling all Obamacare horror stories “lies” and “stories made up from whole cloth.”

Revo has more:

Oh, and Nancy Pelosi doesn’t like it when you call the ACA ‘ObamaCare’. She wants us to chant ‘Affordable’.

Chant it! Chant it! Chant it!

Check out the video here.

Lying liars, all. Why do it? It’s easily proven false, so why come out as Harry Reid did and call a majority of Americans liars?

Because they can, and won’t be questioned by the nightly news. They care about one thing – power to rule over you. They know what’s best for you.

Yes, these Democrats who’ve mostly never run businesses know better than small business people how they should be running theirs.

Your children aren’t your own, not when there’s a Democrat ready to pass a law to make you raise them the leftist way.

These people suck. If the other political party doesn’t get it’s act together, quit fighting its own base, and take on the real bad guys, then they suck too.

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