The Obama Administration is INTENTIONALLY making things as difficult as possible for the vets and elderly

This is first-degree scumbaggery now

lakemeadIt was bad enough that Obama’s White House tried to stop aging WWII vets from visiting their memorial in DC, and closed privately owned and funded restaurants, now they want to kick elderly people out of their homes:`

(my emphasis below)

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) — The government shutdown is being felt close to home for some locals. They say they’re being forced out of private homes on Lake Mead because they sit on federal land.

Joyce Spencer is 77-years-old and her husband Ralph is 80. They’ve been spending most of their time in the family ice cream store since going home isn’t an option.

The Spencers never expected to be forced out of their Lake Mead home, which they’ve owned since the 70s, but on Thursday, a park ranger said they had 24 hours to get out.

“I had to go to town today and buy Ralph undershirts and jeans because I forgot his pants,” Joyce Spencer told Action News.

The Stewart’s Point home sits on federal land, so even though the Spencers own their cabin outright, they’re not allowed in until the government reopens.

So, vets can’t visit their open air memorial, because Obama had barricades erected (which the vets simply moved aside), he padlocked privately funded and owned eating establishments, and now, simply because an elderly couple bought a house which sits on federal land, he kicks them to the curb for no other reason than to make life as miserable as possible for as many people as possible so he can attempt to blame his opposition party.

What a load of crap.


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