Neighbors like THESE are the reason war was invented

Some people are so damn self-centered, you wonder how they ever get jobs, married, etc…

hcrampAll this family did was put a wheelchair ramp in front of their house so their daughter (who has cerebral palsy) can get in and out without being carried.

Then, in steps the Neighborhood Decider of All That Should and Should Not Be:

(Video news story at link, emphasis mine)

A handicap ramp in front of a Fountain family’s house is in the middle of a neighborhood squabble.

Vincent and Heidi Giesegh say their neighbors are threatening legal action if they don’t remove the ramp. They say the next door couple is worried that the ramp will hurt the value of their home. The Giesegh’s say they need it for their 16 year old daughter Kirsten who has Cerebral Palsy.

“As she goes into her spastic modes, we could just tumble down the stairs and both of us could get massively hurt,” said Heidi Giesegh.

The Giesegh’s neighborhood doesn’t have an HOA, and the family says the City of Fountain told them it was ok to install the ramp and widen their driveway for a handicap van. 11 News went next door to get the neighbor’s side of the story and they told us no comment.

“It’s kind of irritating,” said Vincent Giesegh. “I mean we’re trying to do our best to assist our daughter with her daily needs to get in and out of the house.”

The Giesegh’s home is part of a community under construction. We reached out to the home’s builder and they say they’ve also received complaints from the neighbors.

The Giesegh’s say they’ve contacted the Rocky Mountain American Disability Center for help.

Mockarena (who gets the hit tip for the post) says:

Naturally, because they’re despicable jerks, that couple refused to comment.  But Vincent Giesegh had something to say.  “It’s kind of irritating. I mean we’re trying to do our best to assist our daughter with her daily needs to get in and out of the house.”

Honestly, I think he showed remarkable restraint in that comment.  I don’t even wanna THINK about what a scene I’d have made if my next door neighbor threatened legal action over a freaking wheelchair ramp.

The Gieseghs have reached out to the Rocky Mountain American Disability Center for help, and I hope they get a friendly lawyer who will represent them pro bono, because this is just so so wrong.

I hate, HATE HATE having neighbors like this.

Thankfully, today we don’t, but there was a time…

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  1. Mustang.Koji says:

    Another descriptor for them would be “jerks”.

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