So Twinkies are coming back? That won’t help these people…

…people who won’t likely be getting their jobs back


But, we’ll be seeing non-union Twinkies (maybe) over the next few months:

Hostess filed for Chapter 11 in January 2012. In November 2012, the company announced it would be shutting its doors for good. By that time, it had lost about $1.1 billion, largely due to bankruptcy filings.

But last month Apollo Global Management, LLC, and Metropoulos & Co., which owns Pabst Blue Ribbon and Vlasic pickles, bought the 83-year-old company for $410 million, renaming it Hostess Brands LLC. It is planning to re-open four bakeries over the next two and a half months, in Columbus, Ga.; Emporia, Kan.; Schiller Park, Ill.; and Indianapolis. It is also contemplating a fifth in Los Angeles.

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, C. Dean Metropoulos, the company’s chief executive, said that between now and September, he plans to inject $60 million in capital investments into the plants, and hopes to hire at least 1,500 workers.

But those workers won’t be unionized.

“It appears that they are discharging the union contract in bankruptcy,” said Matthew A. Kaufman, a labor attorney in Los Angeles who is not affiliated with the case.

My emphasis above

I guess we can expect Twinkies that refuse to unionize to be targeted ala WalMart shortly after they hit the shelves?


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  1. Mustang.Koji says:

    So TowDog, I wasn’t able to understand your last thought… can you clarify please?

    • The left has in for WalMart, mainly because they won’t unionize but they come up with every reason they can think of to bash the place, or stop them from opening new stores. All reasons that would no doubt disappear the day WalMart went union.

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