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Not that California had no way of knowing who they were getting with Dianne Feinstein, gun grabber

Her goal, in her own words, is to disarm all Americans Continue reading

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With a supposed “Fiscal Cliff” looming, Obama wants raises for government workers

How soon is YOUR raise coming? Obama and the Democrats say the problem isn’t that we spend too much, it’s that we tax too little. Makes it okay to spend more, I suppose. Problem is, the left has been hyping … Continue reading

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Seriously, Hollywood needs to STFU when it comes to gun violence

I’ve said this before (via video) and I’m saying it again (with a better video), Hollywood has nothing to say when it comes to gun violence. They’ve perpetuated violence by making young people numb to the carnage, and they’ve made millions … Continue reading

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LAPD gets punked at the LA “Gun Buyback Program” – Media in full hype mode

You see all the major news media using a particular image of a “military rocket launcher” that LAPD Chief Charlie Beck seems to delight in waving around to show just how badly legal gun owners need to turn in their … Continue reading

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The Most Awesome Banana Slicer in the Whole History of…EVER!!

Steve Spinks turned me on to this via Facebook last week, and I’ve been reading the reviews for this banana slicer ever since. I even uploaded a Photoshopped Customer Image. The reviews are too damn funny! Since other outlets are … Continue reading

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The Way the World Works – According to Duckman

Yeah, this could be me… …next week.

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The Hypocrite Actors from the “Demand A Plan” Video

Someone “fixed it” for them – Via Moonbattery: The triv­i­al­iza­tion and glam­or­iza­tion of casu­al vio­lence by the sanc­ti­mo­nious cretins above are far more respon­si­ble for school shoot­ings than the Con­sti­tu­tion they want sent through a shred­der. Yeah, pretty funny seeing … Continue reading

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