It’s all the fault of you filthy Americans – again

Yeah, all you capitalist consumers and your greedy gift giving on the holidays, it’s all your fault. If you’d just quit buying things, people wouldn’t be dead today. (At least not by fire. Starvation maybe…)

Seems to be what the scowling beardscratchers at The Philadelphia Inquirer and ABC News [Warning – the ABC News link opens an explosive and obnoxious auto-playing commercial video that can’t be stopped, mute speakers first] are saying in their respective columns:

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Over 100 people died in Bangladesh so that Black Friday could live

People pushing and shoving at the Wal-Mart and shooting each other over parking spaces were not the real outrage of this year’s epic Black Friday, now known as Black Thursday/Friday. This is a horrific tragedy:

Yes, it was a horrific tragedy, but laying on the guilt kinda think with the headline, no?

And from Brian Ross (yes, THAT Brian Ross):

Fire Kills 112 Workers Making Clothes for US Brands

Nov. 25, 2012

The 100-plus workers who died in a fire late Saturday at a high-rise garment factory in Bangladesh were working overtime making clothes for major American retailers, including Wal-Mart, according to workers’ rights groups.

Officials in Bangladesh said the flames at the Tazreen Fashions factory outside Dhaka spread rapidly on the ground floor, trapping those on the higher floors of the nine-story building. There were no exterior fire escapes, according to officials, and many died after jumping from upper floors to escape the flames.

As firemen continued to remove bodies Sunday, officials said at least 112 people had died but that the number of fatalities could go higher.

The Tazreen fire is the latest in a series of deadly blazes at garment factories in Bangladesh, where more than 700 workers, many making clothes for U.S. consumers, have died in factory fires in the past five years. As previously reported by ABC News, Bangladesh has some of the cheapest labor in the world and some of the most deplorable working conditions.

So lets see the tags on Brian Ross’ sport coat.

Of course, have to get the obligatory shots in at WalMart:

The Bangladeshi garment factory where more than 100 people died in a fire this weekend has connections to huge multinational retailers, including Wal-Mart, C&A, and KiK, according to documents on the factory owner’s website.

Wal-Mart appears to have warned the factory last year about “violations and/or conditions which were deemed to be high risk,” though it’s unclear whether Wal-Mart continued to work with it since then.

In other words, the allegation is out there, now WalMart has to come clean, or else. Another boycott?

You know, these people will do what we here in the US did, eventually, and start cracking down on safety in the workplace. It happened here after  similar fires tragically took lives and sparked outrage, it’ll happen there too. They don’t need US leftists dictating terms that put people in already in poverty out of work and into the ranks of the starving.


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