Thank you IDF, for the use of your CAT bulldozers in Iraq 2003

Don’t know if they’ll ever see this, but I’d like to offer thanks to Israel and the IDF.

When we were prepping for the Iraq invasion, one of the things the MEF wanted from its Seabees was to cut holes in the berm separating Iraq from Kuwait. The berm stretched for over 120 miles and consisted of two separate dirt berms with a high-voltage electric fence in the middle. On the Iraqi side, the base of the dirt berm included a tank trap which was basically a deep trench that a tank would get stuck nose down in.

The Israeli Defense Force loaned us a few armored Caterpillar D9 bulldozers, each with a hand-written message inside. Scrawled with a Sharpie, each message said basically “TO USMC From Israel With Love” and included the name given the dozer by the IDF troops. The one I got to play with was called “Irma”.


Anyway, the way it ended up actually going down (best laid plans, and all that) you can read here. The dozers were never used in combat, because we had nothing big enough to haul them with, and we didn’t want to destroy them racing through the desert on their tracks. All the tank haulers were otherwise occupied hauling…tanks. Go figure.


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  1. gary bellamy says:

    Wow erick, thats very cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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