I’d like to propose the new Republic of Texas

All y’all libs…Git!


h/t Mike DeVine


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Living in Camarillo, CA, about 45 miles North of LA. I have a son, and two daughters. Working two jobs (welcome to California life), plus a (now retired) reservist in the US Navy Seabees so life is busy!
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6 Responses to I’d like to propose the new Republic of Texas

  1. mbecker908 says:

    Problem: You’ve Phoenix in Californiastan. Tucson, yes.Phoenix and most of the California Central Valley should be part of Texas. Florida, eh.

  2. mbecker908 says:

    I like it. Commented.

  3. John Scotus says:

    The map looks good, except that with the recent election results the new Republic of Texas would be quite a bit smaller.

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