Welcome to Kalifornia, Amerika

I first felt this way in November 2010, when the conservative tsunami rolled across America and bounced off the California state line.

Tonight, that tsunami failed utterly to even materialize.

There it is, people, “As goes California, so goes the nation.”

I don’t know who first said that, and I don’t really care to look it up, but it’s clear that the situation in this country is out of control of reason. Just like California.

Just plain out of control.

When something in my life is out of control, I’ve learned to turn it over to God.

We conservatives thought that through sheer force of will, and the power of reason, we could turn this country around. It’s apparent that’s not the case.

Something evil is afoot, I’ve felt it for some time, now. Like a darkness out of Mordor, it’s crept  across our land, pushing events further and further to the left where evil lives.

Think the left isn’t evil? Think again. What did Stalin do, that has been largely ignored by historians? Killed millions.

Take Che Guevara, another leftist icon. They wear his image on shirts proudly today, because he’s “cool” – he was a butcher. A murderer.

This same bunch is running the United States, and it doesn’t matter how they got there, what matters is that they are there, and all our force of will and good intentions won’t force them out, make them scatter like the roaches that they are. It’s going to take something we don’t have – supernatural power.

Pray, go to church, talk to God, because only He can save this country now.

Jesus Himself said it: “My kingdom is not of this world.” and if we’re in His kingdom, guess we’re not part of this world either. We’re just stuck here for a time.

It’s weird. Twenty years of service to this country, being willing to give my life for it if necessary, and it chooses to not even be worthy of that. I say that with heavy heart, because I lost friends who if they knew what was coming, would gladly do it again.

I’m not glad they’re gone, I miss them terribly, but I’m glad they went someplace better before they had to bear witness to what we are to become as a nation.

Like the crew of a ship tossed every which way by the whim of the waves, rudderless but thinking we’re in control, we’ve become a ship of fools.


About Erick Brockway

Living in Camarillo, CA, about 45 miles North of LA. I have a son, and two daughters. Working two jobs (welcome to California life), plus a (now retired) reservist in the US Navy Seabees so life is busy!
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2 Responses to Welcome to Kalifornia, Amerika

  1. Loss says:

    Waking up this morning I was glad to see you updated. I’m guessing this is the bad news you were hoping us “leftists” would soon hate. The funny thing is that I’m not even a leftist, I’m a republican. But you know what? I didn’t vote for Romney yesterday, and neither did my republican friends. There was a schism where some voted for Obama, and some chose not to vote. The was the only solution for reasonable ex-military individuals. The current “republicans” are racist individuals, individuals hating gay people, and are having issues not openly condemning rape, in fact, some endorse it.

    When I was part of the military I was protecting the rights of gay people to not be harassed and killed, making sure women wouldn’t have to deal with abuses from men, and making sure that everyone got a fair shot at success regardless of the color of their skin. Yes, I’m a republican and believe in all of those things, and I voted for the person who would represent all of those things, including a strong American protectionist streak. My vote was for Obama.

    I’m glad he won because I would have a hard time believing in a country that would openly welcome a president who you couldn’t even nail down on a position. Someone with a compass that wasn’t even true. My background stated I had to go with a known verses a person who actively said anything to appeal to anyone, and I’m glad Obama won.

    At this moment nothing makes me happier to see that we will drag you and many like you kicking and screaming back to sustainable prosperity.

    • At this moment nothing makes me happier to see that we will drag you and many like you kicking and screaming back to sustainable prosperity.

      REALLY?? Ya think the crew that brought the debt to unimaginable levels will do all that?

      I hope the House gives you everything you want and more. People like me will survive what’s coming, others who dream their own reality? Not so much.

      I should change the name of this little blog to “I Told You So” so I can rub it in as it happens.

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