Vote today: These guys can’t

From Special Operations Speaks:

As millions of Americans head to the voting booth Tuesday to exercise one of their most cherished rights, we should pause and remember those who help make it possible. Simply having rights isn’t enough. They must be defended, often at great personal cost. It’s the members of our armed forces, past and present, who put their lives on the line every day to do just that.

How appropriate, then, that Election Day should occur so close to next Monday’s observance of Veterans Day. It’s worth noting, however, that the actual holiday falls on Nov. 11 every year. Why that day? Because Nov. 11, 1918, marked the end of World War I, a four-year conflict that brought an appalling loss of life for many countries, including the United States. Having Veterans Day tied to what was once called the Great War seems appropriate. Many of our veterans, after all, made great sacrifices to keep the flame of freedom burning brightly.

Okay I switched this image for the one below at the recommendation of a dear friend.

Now go vote.

Note to the Leftists posting comments claiming you knew Sean…blah blah blah. You want “reprehensible”? How about Obama leaving “your friend” to die? Bother you much? I doubt it.

Note 2 Profanity is auto-spammed, and will not be allowed to be posted. So right back at ya, pally.

Ok, fine. Alternate poster. Vote in the comments.



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Living in Camarillo, CA, about 45 miles North of LA. I have a son, and two daughters. Working two jobs (welcome to California life), plus a (now retired) reservist in the US Navy Seabees so life is busy!
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52 Responses to Vote today: These guys can’t

  1. Sad says:

    I knew Sean Smith, the guy whose portrait you are using here without permission. He was an avid Democratic partisan and a repeated donator to Obama’s campaigns. Using the deaths of people you never met for cheap political points….simply reprehensible.

    • Loss says:

      I also knew Sean Smith. I perhaps didn’t know him as well as the poster above, but he was always kind to me. We had a couple opportunities to talk about politics and I knew when he died that people would use his death for political leverage. As the poster above me said, he was a Democrat and this is absolutely disgusting.

      • First off, I doubt either of you had even heard of the guy before Obama abandoned him to die, but even if you did, no outrage for Obama abandoning them to die?

        You Leftists amaze me.

        • soyjesus2 says:

          A lot of people knew Sean Smith as he was a frequent poster on the “Debate & Discussion” message board where he would often argue for democratic ideas. Moreover, your assertion that Obama had anything to do with what happened in Benghazi is pure conjecture. As a member of the foreign service he gave his life in service of country, and for you to try and cast blame on anything but the lunatics who killed him is a absolutely offensive to the people who knew him.

          • Is Obama not CinC? Does the buck not stop with him?

            All “conjecture”? All evidence to date show he not only lied from day 1, but he ordered your “buddy” Sean abandoned to die.

            I suggest you write your congress critter and demand action.

        • Slip Doo says:

          Sean had a LOT of friends. Hundreds perhaps. He was always willing to have a chat or discussion too, even about politics. He was willing to have clam discussions even with people who don’t agree with him. I am another who knew him and had engaged with him in such discussions, even opposing some of his viewpoints.

          That you would use his face in this manner is horrible. You’re the one in error here, no one else.

        • Goonrush says:

          That’s a crock. We all knew him, probably better than you did, given what’s gone down here. Sean Smith was a smart, level-headed man, who believed that wisdom was more important than rhetoric, and that facts and truth trumped vitriol. Sean Smith was a man who would calmly take the time to hear exactly what you had to say, and then educate you on where you were wrong. He was patient, openminded, and believed that dialogue, not anger, was the path to a better world. We have all been diminished by losing him.

          To tout his image as a political prop, especially for a cause he didn’t believe in, and to (allegedly) try and edit out criticism and counterevidence when provided with them, does his memory a disservice, and you should be ASHAMED at doing so.

          • “Cause he didn’t believe in”? Did you even READ what was posted above? Clearly not.

            He didn’t believe in what? Voting? Being in Libya? You guys are broken. Seriously bent and broken.

            • Loss says:

              We aren’t bent, and we aren’t broken. We are emotional because we lost a friend, and you are using his face and his memory for something many of us know he would disagree with. Not only that, his mother explicitly asked Governor Romney to quit using his name for political purposes. We are here to ask the same of you, quit using his image and memory for political purposes. If you don’t think that you are using it for political purpose then you are the bent and broken one. It is clear from a little surfing of your website that it leans opposite of his beliefs.

              You’re playing dense by trying to say that he didn’t believe in voting, or being in Libya. He believed in those things. He didn’t believe in using those who have died in conflict for political purposes as you are here. If you have any respect for those fallen recently, or his mother, you will take down the photo.

            • Goonrush says:

              He didn’t believe in generalizing his critics along what he perceived as their political affiliations and denegrating them for the same (but hey, thanks for assuming you know as much about us as you do about Sean). He didn’t believe in responding to alternate viewpoints with the kind of dismissal and derisiveness I’m seeing here. He didn’t believe that people were “bent or broken” if they didn’t agree with him. And I’m certain he didn’t believe in using the memory of dead Americans to push a political agenda under the shroud of “get out and vote”.

              What DID he believe in? He believed in being in Libya. Believed in what he was doing. Sean loved his job, loved the opportunity he had in Libya (loved the food there too, apparently). He believed that being there, doing what he was doing, would help the Libyan people and his own at home. And I believe, in the long run, that what he did will.

            • Officer Ricky Ross says:

              He didn’t believe in the message of the Special Operations Speaks site at the bottom of the image. SOS is an anti-Obama site, and Sean Smith was ardently pro-Obama. You’re being willfully dense.

              • mbecker908 says:

                What part of “it was Obama who abandoned him to the butchers” don’t you get…

                For the life of me I can’t understand why you are defending the guy who abandoned “your friend” and “his supporter”. The real problem is Obama, not Erick or the SOS site.

              • Jeeze. In other words brainiac, have you taken your complaints to the ones who actually MADE the graphic?

                What are you all the same person with different IP addresses? Y’all think the same.

  2. Loss says:

    It appears that the comments of people who knew Sean Smith are being deleted. You should know that he also hated for the truth to be quelled.

    He was a Democrat and this is disgusting. For shame, you coward.

    • ScrewU says:

      **** you for using the death of Americans for attempted political gain. And **** you twice for deleting comments from those people calling you out on it (this is directed at the “author” of this story).

      [There, junior, I fixed it for you. Now go. No more Halloween candy until you apologize.]

    • Nothing is being deleted, moron, it was moved to a spam folder automatically even as I was replying to one of your troll buddies.

      As to the rest, you spare no outrage for Obama leaving them to die? None?

      You disgust me. Troll someone else if that’s all the reasoning ability you have.

    • No cries of shame for the President who refused to authorize military force to rescue his own Ambassador and three of his staff? The call was Obama’s to make. He refused to make it and four men died. It’s a shame the president they most likely supported politically abandoned them, but it’s not an insult to their memory to say so.

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  4. Al says:

    So all the truth comes out, and it’s shown that Obama never told anybody to “stand down,” and troops were sent. I’m sure conservatives will adjust accordingly. Where was all the outrage when Republicans cut funding for embassy security? Or when our embassies were under constant assault during the bush administration?

  5. JohnQ says:

    Erick Brockway, you are truly and awful human being. FYAD.

  6. mbecker908 says:

    I didn’t know Sean Smith. Didn’t any of the others who were left to be butchered by the animals in Benghazi when we had assets available to save their lives and defend our Consulate.

    What I do know is that Obama had full knowledge that a terrorist attack was happening, watched part of in real time from Consulate and drone video feeds and left to go have dinner and go to bed so he could get a good night’s sleep in before a hard day of fund raising in Vegas.

    We had assets in place that could have been deployed to Benghazi and been on scene in two hours or less – significantly less in the case of F18s from Italy. The meme that “we” activated Delta is BS. They are HQ outside of DC and are 12 hours away. Why would any responsible commander do that when we had SpOps 2 hours away. We also had CIA in the form of very experienced SpOps troops who were painting enemy assets with a laser designator and asking repeatedly for support. A C130 Spooky was available and would have easily turned the tide in about 30 seconds.

    Instead, we have a CinC who is afraid that his foreign policy will be shown for the wreck it is by rightfully declaring the attack a terrorist attack by al Qaeda affiliates – which he knew before he had dinner. Then, he lies and sends administration flacks – who also knew or should have known the truth – to lie on five Sunday shows, repeat the lie on a daily basis for two weeks and make a speech in front of the adoring UN that reinforced the lie.

    Those four men died to protect probably the most venal man to ever hold any elective office in this nation. Let’s hope they didn’t die in vain and that a reminder of their deaths, and the incompetence that caused them, will motivate people to vote for real change. Real change from Day One.

    Now, you can zip up your pants, wipe the screen of your mom’s laptop and crawl away.

    • Hunkydory says:

      [citation needed]

    • CaptainWho says:

      Your understanding of the timeline of events is a little screwed up. The first drone didn’t arrive until over an hour after the first security response team did. The first security response team, however, left in fifteen minutes and arrived almost immediately. They also evacuated the consulate under heavy fire, getting all of the American personnel out in under two hours, and in fact, within 20 minutes of the drone’s arrival. The second team arrived from the other side of the Country within 3 hours.

      But yeah, all American personnel were withdrawn from the site by around 5p.m. EDT. Yup, Obama must’ve had to go to bed at what, 3 so that he could make his Vegas flight, and that’s why he slept while the consulate and all those inside burned.

      Have you considered that your hatred might be a little irrational?

  7. CaptainWho says:

    What is this leaving them to die stuff? They were not at the embassy, that’s in tripoli, not Benghazi. The trip to Benghazi was meant to be a brief unannounced visit, so beefing up embassy security wouldn’t have saved any lives anyway, BECAUSE THEY WERE NOT AT THE EMBASSY!

  8. Loss says:

    As one who has family and friends in military graves, no, I will not entertain your childish response. As one who could have lost my brother and did lose a friend this year you are starting to disgust me. If you have respect for the people of the military as I do, you will not use their deaths to invoke fear. The text is fine, but take down the photos.

    • Umm, I served in the war and personally lost friends, so save that crap. Like I told the last commenter, I’m probably going to switch it, unless you guys are just trolling me, in which case I’ll probably post more images just like it.

      You are making me think: “trolls”.

      • Loss says:

        How about this? You post a collage photo of your friends. If I know one of them and knew that they wouldn’t support you using their image for a site like this I’ll let you know. If not, I’ll leave.

        As an aside, you have no idea how much I wish I was trolling you. Unfortunately, this is real. What benefit would there be for me losing people I care about? For instance, how would I know exactly where to go for his donation page if I was trolling you? That would be a bit of work, no?

        • Switched it. See how well conversation works vice trolling and profanity?

          So…the whole point was get out and vote because a lot of good people can’t because they gave their lives…etc.

          As an aside, I might even do a post about that donation page, if I can figure out what they’re doing with it. To busy at the moment.

          By the way, you did note the URL on the original image, no?

  9. I vote trolls, however, I see all their comments about how bad it was back when candidate Obama used war deaths to score political points. Oh, wait. There are none. Yep, trolls.

    • Yep, likely I’ll need to do another post at a different date, when more info they’ll no doubt hate comes out.

      All trolls but for the possible exception of one. Maybe.

  10. It's Only Words says:

    I like the new graphic. I think it makes your point just as well, without the controversy.

  11. Queen Hotchibobo says:

    I don’t understand this one. Erick says to get out and vote because our soldiers (from all the forces) have sacrificed so that we can. Is there something offensive about saying that?

    He also used a picture of one of our military men who was killed in a foreign country in the line of duty to give us an example of someone who gave all for our freedom. And there’s a big problem with that?

    WTH? The lefties of this world just don’t make any sense. I promise, any soldier would be willing to say that among all the things he fights for, America and its citizens have to be primary. And is it asking too much to say that as citizens, the least we can and should do is pay attention to our political leaders and vote in the elections?

    It looks to me like the lefties posting here just have a pineapple where pineapples don’t go and it’s making them crotchety old men. Get over yourselves. You are not the arbiters of all that is righteous and holy, regardless of whether or not you knew a soldier.

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