Worried about the polls? Watch this and stop worrying.

We all see the polls showing Romney either tied with Obama or slightly behind, polls with huge Democrat oversampling which then claim to somehow be unbiased.

What they hope to accomplish I’m not sure, because rather than depress Republicans into submission they’ve only served to fire them up.

The crowds that four short (or horribly long) years ago belonged to B. Hussein Obama now clearly belong to Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

Conservatives are fired up.

Via Ace of Spades

h/t ‘Nita


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2 Responses to Worried about the polls? Watch this and stop worrying.

  1. Nick Rider USMC says:

    Great stuff, Eric.
    Don’t worry, it will all be over tomorrow.
    Fairly close (3-4 point) win iipn rhe general, but a President Obama landslide.

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