Still considering voting for a third-party candidate on Tuesday?

I’m voting for Mitt Romney.

There, I said it. If you search back through my posts, you’ll find I’m not especially thrilled with Romney. There were other choices, but gradually they dropped out, leaving me with only one choice.

“No!” you may be saying, “There are other choices! Gary Johnson! Write in Ron Paul!”

None of those other choices you may be considering have a chance of winning.


So what’s left? Vote your principles?

A vote for any candidate who is even remotely conservative as an alternative to Romney is a vote for Barack Obama. A vote for a leftist candidate takes a vote away from Obama and is basically a vote for Romney. If your goal is to save this nation, or at least to forestall it’s destruction for now, you have to vote for the most conservative candidate that has a chance to win.

So when voting your principles means the least favorable candidate to your ideals wins, aren’t you shooting yourself in the foot?

Believe me, I’m not thrilled with the Republican Party lately: the usual weak leadership in both the House and Senate, the candidates who seem to be more interested in getting the other side to like them than the good of the country, but given the alternative they’re light years ahead of anyone on the Democrat side.

There’s zero chance that any third party will win, or even make a meaningful show at the polls, so why even consider it an option?

You’re failing on principle.

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