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Jake Tapper has a Carney by the tail. Hey Rube!*

Jake Tapper is, for the most part, one of the last real journalists in the mainstream media. He pisses me off one day, and pisses the left off the next. Must be doing something right. He gets hold of B. … Continue reading

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Wondering how Paul Ryan will do tomorrow night against Biden?

Well, Biden is worried, you can bet on that. Here’s how Ryan handled Debbie Two-Names Boom. The only real question is “how big a fool will Biden make of himself?”

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Yes, Mr. President. You will be held accountable.

The latest in a long line of awesomeness from video producer Ben Howe, this video made the Washington Post, and later today will grace Rush’s home page – Heritage Foundation is pushing the truth as hard as it can pre-election, … Continue reading

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How can we trust the Obama administration to protect us? How??

Truth is only used by Obama when every other option fails Obama couldn’t even protect his own ambassador. He didn’t even try. What. The. Hell. In fact, requests by Ambassador Stevens for more security were ignored completely: When security officer … Continue reading

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