Tony Villar’s Horrible, Awful Teleprompter Moment

Antonio Villaraigosa, the leftist hack mayor of Los Angeles, once had political aspirations of maybe being Governor of California and maybe POTUS someday. I think that’s dead now.


During a motion to re-include language about God and Jerusalem being the capital of Israel, a vote was required to confirm that’s what the delegates wanted to have happen, three votes were taken to confirm the result (which sounded like “No” to most involved and watching), and a “Yes” vote was recorded, as Villar’s teleprompter demanded.


The Right Scoop had it first as usual, and he has the video also.

What. A. Douche.

You know, this may actually not be bad for Villar, as it shows him to be a Level One Hack, which is required for advancement in his party.


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