For the fence sitters – Obama vs Obama: Words Matter

Via The Blaze:

The compilation attached here is first product posted online by an amateur video editor. TheBlaze interviewed the project’s creator. The man (who wishes to remain anonymous) told us that he wanted to show his undecided friends (as well as those considering voting for Obama) the stark contrast between what the president has said in the past and what he has said and done in office.

Just words? Just speeches? How much can people take of this guy before they vote against him? Not just for some “write-in” candidate or third-party person, but for Romney, who can actually win against Obama?

Hey, full disclosure: Romney was my next to last choice, but he’s still better than my last choice, and light years better than Obama. Romney I believe will at least stop the bleeding, we can work from a position like that. The position we’re in is more like the Titannic, massive flooding and in danger of going down.

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