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For the fence sitters – Obama vs Obama: Words Matter

Via The Blaze: The compilation attached here is first product posted online by an amateur video editor. TheBlaze interviewed the project’s creator. The man (who wishes to remain anonymous) told us that he wanted to show his undecided friends (as … Continue reading

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Howard Dean: “I’m not worried” Yeaghhhh!

He says he’s not worried (CBS News) Two former governors and former heads of the Democratic Party sounded optimistic about President Obama’s chances of victory on Election Day. Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean said he’s “not that worried” that President … Continue reading

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Tony Villar’s Horrible, Awful Teleprompter Moment

Antonio Villaraigosa, the leftist hack mayor of Los Angeles, once had political aspirations of maybe being Governor of California and maybe POTUS someday. I think that’s dead now. Luckily. During a motion to re-include language about God and Jerusalem being … Continue reading

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