Tell me, DNC, why should we take the word of one failed Democrat President about another

Seriously…Jimmy Carter?

Proving that dead flesh can in fact be reanimated, the Democrats trotted out (or piped-in, as it were) ex President and current irrelevant statesman Jimmy Carter out to sing the Obama theme song [my emphasis below]:

Former President Jimmy Carter delivered a 4-minute video address to the Democratic convention, saying Obama offered a “clear choice” for voters. As Carter’s image beamed into the arena, Republican Mitt Romney’s campaign issued a news release declaring, “Welcome Back, Carter!”

Republicans have tried to tie Obama to Carter, comparing the current unemployment rate of 8.3 percent to the economic “malaise” of the late 1970s. A Romney spokesman said by choosing Carter to appear on the opening night of the convention, Obama “chose a fitting surrogate.”

Considering the tie to Jimmy Carter by the DNC was a godsend to the Republicans, it’s no surprise they already had a video waiting for release.

Well, it’s easy to see why the DNC opted for a video (one they could re-take or alter) rather than letting “Jimmah” loose on stage with an open microphone. Carter tends to say goofy and embarrassing shit:

Come convention time, there’s a tactful and a not-so-tactful way for Presidential campaigns to shield the great American public from members of the party hierarchy they’d rather keep firmly under wraps.

The first, which we shall call the Mitt Romney approach, is to simply ignore them. That’s how, in a snub recently chronicled by Newsweek, Sarah Palin ended up being effectively blackballed from last week’s Republican convention in Tampa.

The second, apparently preferred by Barack Obama, is to invite your embarrassing political relatives along, but hope that no-one notices.

Delegates here in Charlotte will this evening be treated to first a speech by Harry Reid, the party’s power-broking leader in the Senate, and then a video-taped series of remarks by former President Jimmy Carter.



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