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Tell me, DNC, why should we take the word of one failed Democrat President about another

Seriously…Jimmy Carter? Proving that dead flesh can in fact be reanimated, the Democrats trotted out (or piped-in, as it were) ex President and current irrelevant statesman Jimmy Carter out to sing the Obama theme song [my emphasis below]: Former President Jimmy … Continue reading

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But he’s NOT “the Food Stamp President” because that would be…well, you know


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President Downgrade strikes again, this time against himself

First time he gets the US credit grade downgraded, now he he gets a personal shellacking Remember when Obama gave himself a solid B plus at the end of his first year? He also said that in that interview that … Continue reading

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Seems Obama made a trip to the beach for Labor Day weekend

Didn’t make the news for some reason… h/t Twitchy Related articles Sit back, put your feet up, and enjoy #EmptyChairDay! (twitchy.com)

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