A Tale of Two Heroines – Mia Love vs Sandra Fluke

If you haven’t heard of Mia Love, it’s because mostly her existence is kept hidden or minimized by the media. Why? Because she’s not only a Republican, but Mormon, and black. See, blacks aren’t allowed to be Republicans, because then they’d be Uncle Toms.

MSNBC even went to far as to cut away from their convention coverage whenever any minority speaker was on stage. Guess it just doesn’t fit the Democrat Party narrative – anyone granted any minority status is expected and required to be a card-carrying Democrat, or face terrible consequences.

Mia Love is the Mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah, and is running for Utah’s 4th Congressional district. She was born in Brooklyn to parents from Haiti, and is married to Jason Love with whom she has three kids.

She made her national debut at the Republican National Convention, her speech below is short, but telling.

Telling for me is who the leftist Democrats hold up as their heroines: a woman who complains that her birth control isn’t free, versus a woman of the same age who has a family and works her tail off.

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