Cool stuff! The latest deployment gear issue (for Army, anyway)

The gear we got for Iraq in ’03 was a mix of Vietnam-era and Desert Storm: M-16 rifles with A1 lower receiver and A2 uppers, Aramid fiber (rubber) flak vest, Kevlar helmets without the night-vision attachment point (so couldn’t see at night without headlights), two canteens (had to buy our own Camelbacks, unless our unit decided to spring for them separately), etc.

Well if you haven’t mobilized for deployment in some time, here’s what they have issued today:

h/t Glenn


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2 Responses to Cool stuff! The latest deployment gear issue (for Army, anyway)

  1. Impressive. I was in the 10th Mountain Division in the early 90s and while we had the most advanced gear in the army at the time, all I recognize from that video is the boots :).

    • Yeah, as a Seabee we didn’t get nor even expect the state of the art, but as we wore our woodland camouflage MOPP suits as we were getting ready to jump off, it was weird seeing CNN and people on the carriers at sea wearing desert camo MOPP gear. We were obviously part of the Oasis Assault Unit.

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