Chick-fil-A Day in the land of the crazy left, California

Think there’re no conservatives in California? Wrong…

Even after a trip to the dentist, I couldn’t miss this. No way.

Oxnard, California is about 50 miles north of Los Angeles in Ventura County, which traditionally votes conservatively in the state that not only leans left, but is about to capsize on its left side and sink.

There are conservatives here, though, and today they turned out en masse to show their support to a besieged Chick-fil-A restaurant chain after its founder and owner Dan Cathy made remarks to a Christian religious publication which bespoke he support for traditional family values. To the gay community, that of course means “he hates all gays and must be destroyed” which made him and his company the next ground zero in the leftist war on America.

Well, people all over the US flocked to Chick-fil-A today to show their support, and after I got done with my dentist appointment, I joined them.






20120801-143124.jpgI couldn’t get a pic BEFORE I snapped a bite


Even got a T-Shirt!

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  2. That’s just amazing. Same thing happened here, but I am a bit more stunned it happened there 😀

    • Oh there are a lot of conservative people here, you should’ve seen the folks swarming Mark Levin when he came to the Reagan Library. Our vote gets flooded out by fraud and indifference.

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