“Watergate with 300 dead people lying on the ground”: Fast and Furious – follow the ideology

Remember, Obama and Holder are responsible for deaths here. Just as they tried to twist the Clinton impeachment into “It was just about a BJ” rather than what it truly was: a President caught lying under oath, the Democrat-controlled media are pretending this is just a “Partisan Squabble“. No, it isn’t. It’s about a leftist ideology to somehow circumvent the Second Amendment and to do that, they need moral outrage. What better to gin up such outrage than Mexican civilians killed by guns “legally purchased” in the United States?

Bill Whittle explains [pay particular attention to Whittle’s Eric Holder quotes. Yes, Holder really said that.]:

Who are the racists here? The leftist Democrats who cared not about the deaths of 300 plus Mexicans, (much less two US Border Agents). As Whittle puts it, if they had been “…300 graphics designers in San Francisco and a university president instead of…peasants and a law enforcement officer…” with a Republican President, the left would be dragging him/her out of the White House with pitchforks instead of covering his backside as they currently are for B. Hussein Obama.

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