If you voted for Obama, here’s the “Mandate” you got in return. Happy about it? Want more? Why?

The following video hit so close to home that it prompted an angry call from the White House.

Happy you voted the way you did? Still planning to vote for him again?


Gas prices go up, the cost to transport food across the nation goes up as well, along with the price you pay at the grocery store. Obama could lower them if he wanted to, and he could do it right away. But he won’t. Instead he plays the blame game and takes actions that make things worse. Why?

Obama promised to make your electricity rates go up, said under his plan they would “necessarily skyrocket”. When the cost of electricity goes up, the cost of everything goes up. Stores need electricity to keep their doors open, manufacturers of everything from food to electronics use massive amounts of electricity: they don’t get special breaks. They pass the increased costs on to you, the consumer.

Think Obama won’t follow through on his promise, despite Congress refusing to go along with him? Here you go:

In January of 2008, then Senator and presidential candidate Barack Obama, talking about his energy plan, told the San Francisco Chronicle, “When I was asked earlier about the issue of coal…under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket…” He wasn’t kidding.

While he was talking about his cap and trade plan, something that went nowhere in Congress, even when Democrats controlled it with a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, his objective of changing how we generate electricity hasn’t changed. Neither has his lack of concern for the cost to consumers.

President Obama hates coal because he has deemed it too “dirty.” It’s also the largest generator of electricity in this country. Were there a cheaper, easier (and even cleaner) source of electricity generation the market would have embraced it because that’s how markets work. But there isn’t, at least not yet.

But rather than allow the market to work, something new to be developed, the President seeks to force it, to steer it where he wants it to go. It’s something politicians have tried to do since there was a market to steer, and something they’ve failed to do successfully since their first try (Great Leap Forward anyone?).

President Obama wants to steer electricity generation away from coal to natural gas. The only problem with that is our system is set up for coal, coal is abundant and coal is easier to get. While the market may naturally gravitate to natural gas as it becomes easier to get through fracking, something the Left has demonized and is fighting, we’re not there yet.

Just like the public and humiliating failures of subsidized solar companies like Solyndra and so many others, the technology may be there but simply existing doesn’t make it practical. Neither does willing it to be.

Still think Obama and his wrecking crew deserve another four years?


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