All the fantastic speakers at Right Online 2012 – now you can catch up (like I am, slowly)

Right Online is like the ultimate destination for people who engage in new media activism on the right.

So far, the meme is We Are All Andrew Breitbart;

My favorite thing about the internet is….and twitter.  I just can’t get over how awesome it is to see everyday conservatives speaking out, no fear, no shame, nothing reserved. We’ve formed alliances with people we’ve never met, yet instantly know, and we’re taking away the MSM’s power to control information and narrative in America. This is vital; when people are informed, they can think for themselves and make their own decisions, but when the MSM is picking and choosing what people know, their opinions are swayed. (And I think we all know in which direction.)  But that’s the thing; we’ve got to speak out and stick together if we want to make any sort of a difference.

We are force multipliers. Some call it “The Conservative Echo Chamber” with derision, but that’s what we should be, and proudly. Echo the truth, loudly and often.

We are the counter to the entrenched media in this country, the antidote to those kids who drank the Kool-Aid in college, hit the workforce as “journalists” and rather than telling the truth – the unvarnished, un-retouched and sometimes ugly truth – told what those leftist power brokers wanted then to say. The same leftist power brokers who years before infiltrated the Democrat party and took it over from within. Those same leftist Democrats who up until recently totally controlled the narrative.

“We cannot lose sight of why we’re fighting…we fight for freedom, for faith, and for our families.” – Michelle Malkin.

I’m going thru and watching the playlist now, check back here for updates, or go to the Right Scoop.


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