#Julia revisited – Meme destroyed by #Emily

Meet the Anti-#Julia: #Emily O’Neill [my emphasis below]:

The Obama campaign’s “Life of Julia” ad is a disturbing sign. It suggests that political strategists, pollsters, and campaign advisers must think that the people living off government are getting to the point where they can out-vote the people paying for government.

If that’s true, America is doomed to become another Greece – which would be an appropriate fate since, for all intents and purposes, Julia is the fictional twin of a real-life Greek womanwho thought it was government’s job to give her things.

The Obama #Julia campaign was yet another of his campaign fiascoes that were taken over by conservatives and not only ridiculed, but annihilated by the use of reason, as Emily does below.

Emily’s alternate anti-Julia becomes the antithesis of the dependent Obama model: she doesn’t need to vote for people like B. Hussein Obama to ensure the continuance of a lifestyle dependent on the whims of government largess and bureaucracy, she works for what she has, and votes for who she thinks best, not who will provide her the most aid.

No wonder Obama hates her.


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