Is Obama taking cues from Harry Reid now?

Or is he simply as clueless as Harry Reid?

Remember last November when Reid was lambasted for telling us “The private sectors jobs are doing just fine“? Obama today performed the same face plant:

President Obama attempted Friday to improve his chops as an international leader working hard to protect American workers and save Europe from its own political dysfunction. But his morning appearance in the White House briefing room is likely to be remembered, instead, for a single sound bite he surely wishes he could take back: “The private sector is doing fine,” he said.Instantly, Republican strategists on Twitter jumped on the remark, which will no doubt soon be inserted into speeches by his Republican rival Mitt Romney, along with anti-Obama television and Internet advertising. Republicans were already making the case that the President is out of touch with the American people and the workings of the private sector. Obama just made it that much easier.
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I proclaim, therefore it is.


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