Today is the day many conservative blogs go “dark”. Silent. It may not make sense at first, since that’s what the online left really wants, silence from the right.

Today, instead of writing, bloggers are taking direct action: calling Congress-critters, news organizations, and directing their attention to this attempt to violate their First Amendment rights to free speech.

Read Liberty Chick’s piece, and follow the links. This goes deep.

Liberty Chick

Dear Brett Kimberlin,

I learned about you in 2010, and I wrote this article about you on October 11, 2010.

Flashback: Progressives Embrace Convicted Terrorist

You wanted me to shut up then, and you threatened to sue me.

Liberty Chick Threatened With Lawsuit

I did not go quiet.  And when you hit the radar again, as did you and your friends’ tactics, I didn’t shut up then, either.

As Hacked ChamberLeaks Emails Break, Left Scrambles to Hide Ties to Domestic Terrorist

Since then, you’ve done everything you could to try and shut me up, including falsely accusing me of crimes and inserting me into lawsuits.  And threatening even more lawsuits, based on more false accusations.  Your associates have bragged for a year that their relentless harassment of me, my family and those friends close to me has been all for your benefit. They have hounded people that I work with…

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