See what he did there? Tax “credits” for them, but “subsidies” for bad big oil

In B. Hussein Obama’s weekly propaganda blast, I couldn’t help but notice how quickly he changes from “tax credit” when it applies to regime-approved businesses, to the more negative-sounding “subsidy” when it comes to tax breaks to businesses he doesn’t like. [My emphasis]

Fourth, if Congress fails to act soon, clean energy companies will see their taxes go up and could be forced to lay off employees. These companies are putting Americans to work and helping break our dependence on foreign oil. Congress should extend these tax credits.

Tax “credits” for companies that take the breaks (along with federally guaranteed loans, which they later default on) and waste the saved money on alternative energies that a still years away from doing us any good, but American companies who actually hire people and produce a product that we all use are attacked viciously, and the write-offs for production costs by oil companies are considered by this administration “federal subsidization”.

Easy enough to figure out: whenever he mentions “tax credits,” it’s likely for one of his favorite boondoggles and therefore there’s probably a crony in it cashing in somewhere. If its a “subsidy,” then it’s likely a legit tax credit that should be supported.



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